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About Ercal Trucks

1993 - With the foresight of our Honorary President Nurhan Erçal, we started conducting the purchase and sales of trucks under the name Erçal Otomotiv in Samsun.

1998 - We incorporated a hazelnut unshelling factory in Samsun, one of the largest facilities in the Black Sea. The first branch of Erçal Kamyon Truck Market started operating in Kirazlık/Samsun.

2002 - Achieving its targets in the Black Sea, Erçal Otomotiv got into the market of Istanbul, and opened one more branch of Erçal Kamyon Truck Market in Maltepe/Istanbul.

2005 - Another branch of Erçal Kamyon Truck Market was opened in Ferhatpaşa/Istanbul on the purchase and sales of tow trucks and trailers upon high demand.

2008 - Erçal Kamyon Truck Market continues to offer services in its own facility including 10.000 m2 of outdoor area and 1.200 m2 of indoor area established in Tekkeköy/Samsun.

2011 - Erçal Kamyon joined its two branches in Maltepe and Ferhatpaşa and moved to its new area including 31.000 m2 of outdoor area and 1.500 m2 of indoor area located in Sancaktepe district of Istanbul, thus increased its capacity and started offering services to the customers with an increased range.

2014 - In order to serve in the Central Anatolia Region in the field of truck market, Erçal Group cooperated with AFT Otomotiv in Ankara and incorporated the company, thus got into the market of Central Anatolia Region.

2018 - During the last quarter of 2018, Erçal Kamyon Truck Market made the decision to get into the foreign markets and started to export trucks, lorries and trailers under the name Erçal Trucks and heavy equipment under the name of AFT Machinery to Europe, Africa, South Africa and Central Asia.










Value to Human and Labor
Stakeholder Relations Based on Justice and Equity
Morality and Integrity in Trade
Customer Satisfaction Orientation
Innovativeness and Standing Open to Different Ideas
Systematic and Scheduled Work


As an exemplary and pioneering group of companies with a professional, transparent and measurable corporate infrastructure, our vision is to make Erçal an international and open-to-public brand by creating sectorial brands having customer loyalty and high competition power.

In this context, our vision is to:

Become one of the biggest representatives of the national market in the distribution and franchising of the brands in the automotive sector
Manage and lead the sector, become accessible in sales and purchase in Turkey where the company is the market leader in second hand vehicles, and open branches in foreign countries near Turkey,
Become one of the regional leaders in the hazelnut sector with international standards of production and product quality and provide export revenue for our country,
Become an employer brand with which the employees would like to work in satisfaction and belonging,
Have enterprises contributing to Erçal brand with quality, stakeholder satisfaction and sustainable profitability in the other sectors the group operates.


As a company group attaching importance to the social, ethical and environmental values and offering reliable and high-quality products/services focusing on the needs of its customers with its qualified, happy and participant employees; our mission is to create material and moral/social added value for our country and our stakeholders.